Why is it important to donate?

With every donation, you make it possible for thousands of families from the Occident of Mexico to receive quality medical care that they could not receive elsewhere. The reason being that there's thousands of families without healthcare from institutions like IMSS or ISSSTE, and because of their economic situation wouldn't be able to receive medical care from private institutions.

Ways to help.

Currently we have four ways for you to make a donation: Paypal, Moneygram, Bank Account, and telemarketing .


Make your donation : Five Easy Steps

  • Calculate the cost to donate
  • Find a MoneyGram agent
  • Visit your local MoneyGram agent . Take one or more forms of identification issued by the government
  • Complete a simple money transfer
  • Receive your pay stub
  • Bank account

    Make your donation : Four Easy Steps

  • Locate your nearest bank branch
  • Have on hand the number of bank account
  • Indicates the amount to donate
  • Receive your pay stub
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